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Licensed and Insured with Worker’s Comp for a Safe, Spot-Free Cleaning You Can Trust. We remove black streaks from your roof with an effective pressure washing technique that won’t damage your roof. Contact Bay Area Pressure Cleaning and schedule your next roof cleaning today!


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Our Soft Roof Washing Process Cleans Your Roof and Gutters in One Visit

Over time, algae and other contaminants can eat away at your roof. Foreign contaminants can drastically reduce the service life of your roofing systems as well.

Bay Area Pressure Cleaning uses a soft wash roof cleaning system to make your roof shine and streak-free.

We can quickly eliminate all algae, dirt, grime and rust  build-up from a variety of surfaces, but with roofs we take extra care and attention.

Our team of experienced cleaning technicians are ready for all your roof and gutter cleaning projects and can assist with jobs of nearly any size.

Protect the life of your roofing materials and keep your roof looking fresh and clean with our professional roof and gutter cleaning services.

"Why Does My Roof Have Black Streaks?"

Ever wondered why your roof turns black? It means that over time, due to the effects of weather and atmosphere, mold, algae, lichens, and other such organisms have found your roof to be a comfortable home.

As professional pressure washing technicians backed with worker’s comp who perform residential and commercial roof cleaning in the Tampa area, our expert technicians are masters at what they do and will rejuvenate your rooftop and make it fresh!

Remove The Algae and Mildew From Your Roof Immediately

Avoid High-Pressure Cleaning Techniques on Your Rooftop

Some people and service providers think that pressure cleaning is the only way to clean a rooftop. Actually, It is highly unadvisable that you “pressure clean” and use force and volume of water to clear out dirt and impurities that have accumulated on your roof.

Using invasive techniques is not a good idea. Our experts have Worker’s Comp plus the right equipment paired with years of experience and reliable knowledge, which allows them to perform their jobs in a professional way that would clean your roof but not damage it.

High-pressure cleaning is deleterious to your roof both in long and short terms. The roof will be eroded at the molecular level due to extreme pressure and high volumes of water in the short term. Either shingles or tiles, both are invaded by their longevity with this high-pressure water.

Furthermore, water and dirt might be able to seep through your tiles in long term effects which can slowly destroy the structure of your roof and keep on weakening the tiles and shingles.

Affordable, Safe, Non-Invasive Soft Roof Washing in Tampa

If aggressive cleaning is not suitable, then how do we go about cleaning a roof?

At Bay Area Pressure Cleaning we help you improve your curb appeal in one visit with our residential and commercial pressure washing services. Our intelligent roof washing techniques make use of the natural tendency of water flow while adding a gentle biochemical liquid which effectively removes all impurities from your roof without damaging your roof material.

We are your trusted family owned pressure washing company when it comes to a safe and non-invasive technique to clean your roof. Besides, the chemicals we use are all bio-friendly, so we can help take care of your roof as well as the environment we all share. We also provide window washing and other no-contact pressure washing services in Trinity, New Port Richey, Hillsborough County and Pasco County.

Licensed & Insured with Worker's Comp for a Safe, Spot-Free Roof Cleaning You Can Trust

At Bay Area Pressure Cleaning, our roof washing  chemicals and formulas are friendly to your roof and the environment around us. We never use harmful techniques that might negatively affect the life span of your roof.

We guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate for our customers once the job has been completed. And we keep the area around your property tidy while we are cleaning your roof.

So what are you waiting for? If you are improving curb appeal to sell your house, or just need to take care of your roof, contact us now for a Free Roof Cleaning Estimate and No-Contact Services across Tampa Bay.

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