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Is Paver Cleaning and Sealing Really Necessary?

Paver cleaning and sealing services in New Port Richey, FL are necessary to keep your pavers in splendid order. Professional cleaning ensures pavers retain their sheen for longer periods and appear brand-new even after several years of use.

It also increases their longevity.

We are Bay Area Pressure Cleaning, a reliable and proficient paver sealing company in Florida. We specialize in bio-friendly paver cleaning and restoration without leaving behind discolored patches and ensure the complete removal of dirt, grime, and algae.

You can now avail our services across New Port Richey and the biggest surrounding cities like Elfers, Holiday, and Bayonet Springs.

Water, high humidity levels, and dust affect pavers greatly. Over time, they lose their original color and look old and trampled-upon.

Our high-tech services for paver sealing will prevent this rapid deterioration.
pool pavers before and after paver cleaning and sealing
a man doing paver cleaning and sealing

Paver cleaning services

Sparkling-clean pavers are essential in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your home!
If your residence has a fairly long walkway, a driveway, or even a front yard, regularly maintained pavers are a must-have! That’s where our house exterior cleaners can help you.

Trust only Bay Area Pressure Cleaning for express patio paver cleaning and sealing.

The high humidity levels across Florida are the main reason why pavers gather superfine dirt and dust and finally start blackening.

If you can spot mold and mildew spreading over the pavers, a paver cleaning company has to intervene before there’s further damage.

If you ignore these signs, pavers will soon become impossible to mend and complete replacements will be required. That means a devaluation of your property!

Which is why you need professional cleaning and sealing of pavers at the first sign of trouble. Keeping in mind the need of the hour due to the pandemic, we also provide no-contact services for all you cleaning needs.

Most common problems affecting pavers in New Port Richey, FL

  • Pavers will get dirty and unattractive over time.
  • Poor maintenance means the rise of weeds and microbes.
  • Plenty of cleaners still use avoidable & harmful bleach/solvent-based chemicals, messing things up further!
More reasons why you need a trusted and experienced paver cleaning business.
pavers before and after paver cleaning services
paved sidewalk before and after paver cleaning services

The trouble with solvent-based cleaners

While solvent-based cleaning agents have been around for decades, they are increasingly being rejected. There are 2 main drawbacks.
  1. These are extremely concentrated solutions and leave behind a thin but viscous & reflective film. This layer becomes more evident in direct sunlight. The pavers look awful.
  2. Almost all solvent-based cleaning agents end up bleaching the pavers, creating another problem.
  3. The viscous film prevents complete sealing of the paver surface, leaving an ungainly cloudy layer. Since they are reflective, people often slip on the pavers and end up injured.
  4. Stripping & restoring all the pavers is necessary at this point. But the process is very expensive.
Trust only scientifically advanced methods to clean and seal pavers for their maintenance and service.

3 easy steps to restore your pavers!

As the #1 professional agency for paver sealing in New Port Richey, FL, Bay Area Pressure Cleaning uses the latest advancements in cleaning materials to provide unmatched paver conservation!

Our technicians only use biodegradable and solvent-free agents that bond with water on the surface of the pavers to create a unique chemical shield which prevents damage.

The 3 steps we follow for unmatched paver sealing services are mentioned below.

Step 1. Efflorescence removal and a ‘SureClean’ session

Being so close to the ocean is what makes Florida so humid around the year. It is even more evident in New Port Richey since it’s located very close to the Atlantic & the Gulf of Mexico.

The high humidity causes efflorescence, a natural reaction where the salt content of water is abnormally high and forms deposits after the water evaporates.

Because pavers are more porous than tiles, this creates a white layer that needs to be removed first.

Our modern paver cleaning services start off with thoroughly removing the salt. This is achieved using various handheld tools and a few common chemicals. A final scrub leaves the pavers ready for a facelift!

Bay Area Pressure Cleaning uses the proprietary “SureBond SureClean” solution, a non-acidic and peroxide-based cleaner that eliminates everything from layers of grime to stubborn algae!

We guarantee zero damage to the pavers and no discoloration. The effects are long-lasting.

Note that critically damaged pavers require complete stripping before this step can commence.

Step 2: Weatherproofing & reinforcing pavers using Polymeric sand

As a responsible paver cleaning business, it’s our duty to ensure that water damage is limited going forward.

We use high-grade Polymeric sand which forms unbeatable bonds between pavers and also forms a thin, protective film which resists water vapor from seeping in!

After all, water vapor loosens the underlying brick structure and can even cause extensive damage if not taken care of.

Our company’s cleaning and sealing services for your pavers promise extraordinary sealing plus several years of complete weatherproofing.

Step 3: Sealing the deal with “SureBond”

Rounding off our paver sealing task is a final seal using the proprietary “SureBond Sealer.” This is a solvent-free adhesive-cum-sealant and is applied on the paver surface.

This is a long-term assurance to our clients that our quality of work won’t disappoint them.

Besides, we also use this particular product to ensure:

  • Extended resistance to accumulation of dirt and grime.
  • Better UV ray protection so that your pavers look fresh for plenty of years.
  • There is no chance of permanent stains from greasy material thanks to several microfilm layers.
  • Public walkways develop greater resistance to damage caused by water after natural disasters.
Get in touch with Bay Area Pressure Cleaning today! Call 727-349-5049 to schedule an appointment for a top-notch cleaning & sealing session for your pavers.
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